Friday, December 7, 2012

Seasonal Lippies

Man, there are few things better than waking up early to make it to Panera in time before they sell out of egg souffles. If you can make it before 10 am, you should be safe; although, some days I'm there at 9 am and they're already sold out. Have you tried the new one, Sausage & Gouda? IT IS SO DELICIOUS. That egg souffle plus a black hazelnut coffee and I am the happiest girl. Mmm...

8am: 2.5 hrs post-sunrise, had breakfast on the beach
Sorry I've been away so long, this is the first entire week I have had some real down time, i.e. no work. Between work + wedding/trips, it's been a surprisingly busy past few months. I'm just glad to finally get some "me" time and wind down, just in time for the holidays, yay... to the dismay of many people, I really hate Christmas music so it's been tough shopping (maybe good for my wallet?) or even sitting at Starbucks for too long. This week I made it to the beach, got back on my workout routine (any other Flywheel addicts out there?), and unpacked/reorganized a much needed bathroom+bedroom. I am grateful to be in 80 degree weather, and slowly coming to the realization that I am a warm weather girl. It just feels so good!
1pm: clouds started rolling in

Now, onto my latest obsession...

I really love how a bold lip makes the rest of your makeup so easy -- concealer  mascara, lipstick and you're done! I have been focusing on improving my skin and, to tell you the truth, my laziness has gotten the better of me. I didn't even put on false lashes as I had planned for the wedding I attended. Here are my go-to lipsticks (haha, if you assume that implies 2-3 in number.. you would be wrong) for the fall-winter season aka the holidays. Even though I live in a place where seasons don't really exist, I did rock the darker lip while in Milwaukee and Chicago.. man, it was so cold up there. I shiver just thinking about it.

  1.  Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain - 005 Crush: these really leave a nice stain on your lips, although in my experience, the stain is a different color than the applied balm. I like how build-able these are and this color is more successful in the darker berry shade range than others I have tried (Smitten turned out very red on the lips). This stains a brighter red than I would have liked, but the easy solution is just to reapply more product.
  2. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On lip pencil - Ozone: since the only lip pencils I own are either red or nude, I got this clear one for its ability to be worn under any shade of lipstick without affecting its actual color; so far, so good! I really am a fan of these lip pencils, they last very well the colored ones are so nice I usually end up wearing them alone. I would recommend wearing some lip balm underneath as they can be a bit drying.
  3. Clinique Almost Lipstick - 06 Black Honey: I have had this for a year now, still loving it. This could actually be worn year-round, considering how sheer it is. It has red undertone so if you build up the color, your lips actually can look very red.
  4. Wet 'n' Wild Super Lustrous lipstick - 508A Black Cherry: this lipstick only costed $0.99! Probably the most pleasant surprise I've ever gotten from any makeup I have ever purchased, I have to say that I love love love this lipstick. It is such a wearable and easily applicable darker lip that is not too vampy and it is so moisturizing on the lips. I wore this almost every day while on my trip. I wore this while teaching one night and it prompted my students to ask me "Miss, are you going on a hot date after class?" HAHA!
  5. Wet 'n' Wild Mega Last Matte lipstick - 918D Cherry Bomb: this was the color I wore to the wedding! I applied it with a lip brush a couple of times and it lasted all night, through all the eating and drinking. It didn't dry my lips out either, which I had anticipated; thank you for exceeding my expectations yet again, Wet 'n' Wild. The only weird thing was that in photos, this looked a lot lighter and redder than it did in real life. I was really trying to go for that vampy burgundy lip, since I knew I was going to cry my eyes out watching my friend get married I didn't want to wear very much eye makeup :P.
  6. Topshop Lips - Inhibition: with its satin matte finish, I am loving this violet lipstick. The formula is not drying at all and the color is very build-able. I have been enjoying wearing this more on the sheer side for an everyday lip, just by applying it and rubbing it into the lips with my fingers. If only a Topshop would open in SoFla, I would be so broke immediately haha.
  7. L'Oreal Colour Riche - 785 Sultry Raven's Pout (Project Runway): this is my go-to for a nude lip this season; in my opinion it has a very slight lavender/violet-y pink undertone that sets it apart from other nude lipsticks, such as Fairest Nude which is a lot more brown-based.
  8. Mac - Scarlet Ibis (Marilyn Monroe), matte: this orange-y red lipstick is what I'm wearing when I'm feeling festive! Loving it.
  9. Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate lipstick - 01: this red is a my normal go-to red lipstick; it is not too orange or blue undertoned that it really goes well with any look and outfit. I really love these Kate Moss lipsticks.. currently on the hunt for the burgundy in the new matte collection, but sadly, I don't think it's out in the US yet.
Hmm, I feel like I need one more lipstick to round out that number to a nice 10. :) I welcome any and all suggestions.

Origins Let It Glow holiday set, includes a full size Gin-Zing refreshing eye cream, a 1.0 fl. oz. VitaZing Energizing Moisturizer (SPF 15), and a mini GinZing brightening mascara. I bought this for the eye cream specifically, and I am really loving it. I have always wanted to try the moisturizer so this set was really a great value at $32.50. Haven't tried the mascara yet. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

B-day in Chicago

I was in Chicago for my birthday early in the week, so of course I hit up some of my go-to food scenes (Belly Shack, Publican, Xoco) and then tried a couple new places too (Gilt Bar -so good!, Slurping Turtle, Sable Kitchen). I didn't take photos at all meals because (1) my camera kind of sucks in dim lighting and (2) I was lazy.

Slurping Turtle - macarons: yuzu, raspberry-wasabi, chocolate sesame
The best thing I had here was the duck fat-fried chicken. Then again, you can't go wrong with duck fat fried anything.
Magnolia Bakery - pistachio cupcake & small coffee, awesome breakfast hmm?
XOCO - egg & chorizo torta came with a delicious salsa verde. I wish this could be my breakfast every morning..

XOCO - (apparently I was on a pistachio kick) churro with pistachio glaze, very sweet & delicious