Friday, July 22, 2011

Makeup-buying ban = lots of other shopping...

NEW SHOES! haha.. I got these purple Nike Eclipse II sneakers today at DSW for $40. My black Converse shoes are getting pretty beat up, so I thought these could replace those for me. They are SO comfortable and I got a free tote bag! Kinda tacky but the material is actually pretty sturdy. Not a big fan of those chain handles.

So, it's been a while, since I am not buying new make-up right now. Especially banning myself from buying anymore new nail polish. It's been hard, for sure, but so far I am doing so good! But.. instead of buying polish & make-up, I have been purchasing other things.. such as 4 new pairs of shoes.. and clothing. Anyways, I decided I wanted to share all that with ya so here it is:

I also got these colorful socks at DSW for $9. They are made by Converse
and apparently are made specially for the their Chuck Taylors.

I got this bikini for only $12 at Old navy! They were selling bathing suits for only $6 a piece, and they had plenty of different colors/styles/patterns so you could mix and match them.

Now, onto Forever 21...
Grey/cream dress with ruffly cap sleeves, $19.90 - perfect for the hot weather.
neon yellow rimmed aviator sunglasses, $5.80

floral skort romper, $19.80. Love the corset style top--gives such a feminine shape to the body. The slight padding in the bust is enough that you don't need to wear a bra with this either! It also comes with white straps you can add on if you prefer, but I think I like it strapless better.

Report coral crochet flats (Nordstrom rack), $30.
Merona tan woven flats (Target), on clearance for $13
Havaianas neon yellow slim flip flops (Nordstrom rack )$12.90

Neon orange & green Essential V-neck Tee, Victoria's Secret PINK, 2 for $26.

bleached rose colored lace cami (Banana Republic), $10 (super sale!)

white lace bandeau bra (Nordstrom Rack), $4.95

After listing it all out like that.. I think I will be taking a break from shopping, of all kinds (except for food!).


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Please vote for me!!!


I entered a competition with photos from my most recent trip to Chicago on this site: The prize is amazing, and it would be AWESOME to win it! I would be able to bring 3 friends with me to enjoy a stay in the Trump tower, VIP treatment at the museums, and , of course, some really fantastic-sounding meals --the most exciting one being a gourmet on the skydeck of Willis tower (which I have still not yet had the pleasure of visiting.. how is that possible?!?!!!!). Even though I lived there for 4 years, there are still so many things I haven't done -- stupid school & studying got in the way!

I would appreciate it SO SO SOOOOO much if you would vote for me by just clicking here once a day until July 31.

Thanks guys!