Friday, April 27, 2012

gearing up for summer

If you ever need a break from getting your caffeine from coffee, this yerba mate is a great alternative! I'm a fan of their drinks in the cans--and recently they came out with these sparkling mate's. Love it.
(Guayaki can only be found in Whole Foods grocery stores so be sure to check it out next time you're there.)
 Just sipping on this new sparkling mate by Guayaki, taking a break from studying to show you some new stuff I got! It has been a steady 80-90 degrees over here in South Florida for the past 2 months.. so it's not really like summer hasn't already arrived, but in the stores, this is the time when everybody is getting ready for summer :) Which means.. it's time for some new sandals. Shoes have been a weakness of mine lately...
I love the neon accent of these T-strap sandals from Target, and yes, these are from the children's section in a size 3. In comparing sandals I've gotten from both Forever21 and Target, I have to say Target sandals are MUCH MORE sturdy. I definitely look in Target now whenever I am in need of some new cheap sandals.

These lovelies are from DSW and are actually from Fergie's shoe collection/brand lol. I was looking for something more neutral and I really have become a fan of having some sort of accent on your shoe, like a flower or a bow. I found these in a size 5 1/2 so they probably are one of the best fitting shoes I have now, meaning they are the most comfortable too!

When in Miami... :D I haven't tried it yet, definitely saving it for after finals is over. But doesn't it sound like the perfect drink for the summertime? And the bottle is just beautiful as well.

some new candles I've been enjoying-- Bahama Fizz reminds me of a spicy pina colada, Sunrise Lagoon reminds me of the beach and Drenched Apple Flower.. I'm just partial to anything apple scented :)

These are all the old nail polishes I found from when I moved--I saved them to participate in the Zoya Polish exchange that happens every year on Earth day. I know I've broken my nail polish ban.. so after these new ones get in, the ban will begin once again :) next post will be about new nail polish for sure! SO excited!!

Finally, this tea is a miracle worker. I've had some trouble falling asleep at the new house just from adjusting (I'm still not fully unpacked..) and stress from life (we are all familiar with that), so when I spotted this I had to give it a try. On the label it says that this tea contains Valerian and Organic Chamomile to help calm nervousness & restlessness, St Johns Wort to make positive improvements on mood, Passionflower to reduce anxiety in order to support sleep, and finally for taste it has cardomom, licorice and cinnamon. So it tastes alright, definitely a unique flavor; I like that it is made of all natural ingredients. My eyelids start feeling heavy after I drink like half of a cup of this tea.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

new house

 Moving is always hectic.. currently I am still sleeping in an empty bedroom with a mattress on the ground while the floors are getting redone. The rest of the house's furniture was only purchased today, so it won't be delivered until 2 weeks. Anyways, at least I have internet and thank goodness for places like Starbucks and Panera :)

The following are some photos of what's been going on in the past.. 2-3 weeks or so.
weird green tea ramen from Taiwan: one of the last meals at the old house hehe

thoughts: definitely not like any ramen I've ever tasted--it was pretty sweet and there was no soup, it was more of a thick sauce 
this is just random, but I got a double yolk in one of my eggs! I really enjoyed a poached egg in tomato sauce and dunking some toasty bread in there to sop it all up. mm...
first meal in the new house! SUSHI BOAT EXTRAVAGANZA YUMMY! (check out the super cute kiwi roll!!

one of the first things I did in the new house was paint my nails. This is Smoke & Ashes from China Glaze Capitol Colours Collection (Hunger Games). Definitely a hard one to photograph, but this polish is super pigmented--this is only 1 coat! I think the holographic glitters are really fun and pretty, so I definitely enjoy this one.

First thing I make in the new house.. egg salad using greek yogurt, seasoned mustard, green onion, salt&pepper...

...and I put it on a sandwich with some blanched asparagus and red cabbage slaw

everything in the kitchen is now on black marble countertops and our future dining table is also black.. it will definitely change the look of my food photos.. we'll see how it goes!
Now if you'll excuse me, my mattress is calling my name. You never expect shopping for furniture to be so tiring but it really is. Also when you have to wake up at 7 am every morning in order to get ready & out of the house before the people doing your floors arrive, that also makes you wanna crawl into bed at like 7 pm haha. ZZzzzz....