Sunday, July 15, 2012

some summertime eats

Happy Summer! It's going by really quickly, so take advantage of the sunny days & seasonal eats before it's too late.

salsa.. cherry tomatoes, corn, jalapeno, red onion, garlic and cilantro (can't forget the lime juice!)

Cherries are in season right now! Eating them every night.

Attempt #1 to make my own horchata. Soaking the rice overnight...

The next morning, after blending. Note to self.. strain better next time!

I added some milk & ice before drinking. It tasted OK but I think it needed more cinnamon/spice.

Quinoa black bean salad--salsa from earlier + black beans + quinoa + cumin, chili powder & olive oil

homemade pickles.
loving this color combo right now!

close-up on the fingers: Zoya Lolly + topcoat

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summertime nails

Happy Fourth of July! I thought I'd be festive with my nails :)

Lovely day at the beach.. it's gotten really sunny & hot since Tropical Storm Debby passed by.

Zoya Paz. Seriously like a traffic cone and I LOVE IT.

I made my own fruit & nut trail mix! Thanks to Whole foods, I got: pumpkin & sunflower seeds, pistachios,  dried edamame, walnuts, dried apricots+papaya+pineapple+cranberries. I have really been addicted to this lately, it really is a great snack to have around the house. And when you buy each item separately from the bulk foods section you can save a great deal of $$!

A final nail design I did recently in celebration of the Heat winning the NBA finals.  Haters gonna hate!